Welcome to my landscape photography website. I began backpacking into wilderness, in Yosemite's Tenaya Canyon, when I was ten. I went from simple Kodak box cameras in high school to a twin lens Rolleiflex in college. I moved to a Nikon FM2. Then I began scanning the film bought a Nikon DSLR (digital single lens camera).
Sometimes I'm asked if I "manipulate" my images. I do, but I do it to make the image better match what I recall photographing or to recapture more of the complete experience I had. When one's breath is taken away by beauty in nature, it's more than just a visual perception; more than "mere" perception is happening. A two-dimensional photograph can't recreate that but only suggest it. Still, I don't adjust much more than darkness or brightness, color hue and saturation, and contrast to make my images better approximate what I experienced.
If you live in Humboldt County, California, I might be able to show you my matted prints in person, depending on your location. Please email me at to arrange a meeting or call (707) 495-5715. I ship matted prints throughout the United States. If you have any questions, please email me. Unmatted prints can be ordered from this website, using the shopping cart link above each enlarged image. To see the images, click either on the photo representing the gallery or on the name of the gallery. Once in a gallery, click on any of the thumbnail images on the left to see it enlarged in the box to the right. You can make it even larger by clicking on "Large" in the small box that pops up in the right side of the image. In order to move to another gallery, click "Landscapes" in upper left. That will return you to the page showing you your choice of galleries.